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cooking class ko samui
Fried Pork or Chicken with ginger
cooking class ko samui
Just before the tour at the market:

You will choose together the 4 dishes to cook before the market tour. 
The group choose together the 4 dishes to cook 
8 persons maximum per class

16 plates at the end if 4 persons class
20 plates if 5 persons in the class !!!

We recommend 1 soup, 1 curry, pad thai and 1 fried dish or 1 salad.... but you will decide together anything you like to cook!

Any dish can be made with chicken, pork,
prawn, squid, fish or vegetarian version.
Tom yam soup with prawn and
Sweet and sour with prawn
.Tom Yum Soup (the favorite hot and sour soup)
.Tom Ka Soup (Coconut soup with galangal, lemongrass..)
.Chicken Salad (with fresh mint, shallots...)
.Beef Salad (with pineapple, fresh mint, shallots...)
.Papaya Salad (the famous one!)
.Green Mango Salad (with crispy little fish and chili's)
.Sea food salad  (prawn, squid, tomato, schallots, chilies...)
.Pad Thai (the famous one!)
.Pad Siew (large rice noodle with many vegetable)
.Red or Green curry paste (made by yourself)
(count as 1 dish - 30 minutes to do a curry paste)
with chili's, cumin seed, lemongrass, coriander seeds and more...
.Green Curry (creamy in a plate or in a bowl... you choose!)
.Massaman Curry (not spicy! .. with potates, peanuts and chicken)
.Red curry (the most spicy one! ... with kaffir lime leaves)
.Panang Curry (with basil leaves and kaffir lime leaves...)
.Yellow Curry (with onions, baby corn, egg...)
.Fried Chicken Cashew Nuts 
.Fried ginger with pork or chicken
.Garlic and pepper (with fried chicken or pork)
.Sweet and Sour (with pineapple, tomatoes...)
.Pad kra Pao (Fried basil leaves and chili's...)
.Steam Fish (with ginger, chilies, lime..)
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